The Microphones / Mount Eerie - “I’m a Pearl Diver” & “I Whale”

Both of these songs, on Song Islands and Song Islands vol. 2, have a sea-shanty feel to them, perhaps to invoke Moby Dick in Phil’s narration of a search for love, hope, or his own heart. The Microphones’ half of this saga ends in frustration, darkly re-imagining the sensation of being on the ocean floor from “The Glow,” while “I Whale” is more wise and stable; what he’s looking for has been there the whole time, and, in this sense, the song becomes a part of the “O My Heart” mythology, too.

Anonymous asked:

Hold up. Yo there is a difference to old mac and new mac. Someone can have preference to what they like better. Don't be a bully because you have a different opinion. Like Macs old shit is happy go lucky, but his new stuff evolved into spiritual level music. He's going on a music journey, and this nice person honors him for his start, but nonetheless honors him. Who are you


Thank you.